35 before 35


35 Before 35 | Bucket list

November 1st marks my birthday. If I was in my twenties, the week leading up to my birthday would be filled with parties, too much booze and maybe one or two regrets (hey, that’s what your twenties are for). But now that I’m heading into my 31st year, I’ve been using the weeks to plan ahead, looking at what I really want to accomplish in the next few years.

And honestly, I’ve done quite a bit with my life up until now. I’ve lived overseas, watched sea turtles nesting on the beach in Costa Rica, gone bobsledding on an Olympic track, seen the sun rise over Angkor Wat and started my dream business. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a million other things I’d like to tick off my bucket list. My twenties were great, but I feel like my thirties are the ‘get shit done’ years – and I’m ready to knock them outta the park.

So when Adidas asked if I was interested in joining them for a leisurely 10k run at 1 a.m. to take advantage of the extra hour from daylight savings, I said yes. I’ll be honest – at first I was pretty hesitant. I’ve never run that far before and certainly not at 1 a.m. (as you know, I’m old now). But when they told me it was taking place on November 1st, I couldn’t think of an excuse not to do it – it was the perfect way to kick off my 31st year and would let me cross out the first thing on my ’35 Before 35′ bucket list.

What else is on the list? Have a peek below and let me know what’s on yours!


My 35 before 35 bucket list

1 Run a 10k.

2 Buy a same-day plane ticket to a foreign country. Anyone who knows me knows that this would stress me the eff out. One, because I like to pack for any possible situation. And two, because my entire week is planned out on Sunday and leaves little room for movement. But Damo loves spontanaeity, so let’s add it to the list.

3 Partner This Renegade Love with a charity.

4 Buy a house in Toronto with Damien.

5 Go on an African safari.

6 Upgrade to a Canon Mark III.

7 Fully finish the Kayla Itsines 12-week workout.

8 Sponsor a family in need for the holidays.

9 Sit in the SNL audience.

10 Host Thanksgiving dinner for my family. And hope they actually enjoy the food…

35 Before 35 | Bucket list

11 Head to Thailand with my Dad for his first Southeast Asia experience.

12 Eat at The Fat Duck in London.

13 Buy less, spend more on quality items.

14 Meet Drake. Because it seems that every other goddamn person in Toronto has – I’m due for some face time with Champagne Papi.

15 Live debt-free.

16 Adopt a puppy.

17 Finish a book in one sitting.

18 Spend a weekend at the Drake Devonshire. I feel like every weekend is booked until eternity – I just ask for one!

19 Tour the German Christmas Markets.

20 Learn to snowboard.

21 Go to a nude beach (and feel totally confident).

22 Take This Renegade Love offline. The idea has always been to grow This Renegade Love into a full brand and I’d love to see readers come together for workshops, conferences and networking dinners.

23 Visit PEI for an Anne of Green Gables fangirl weekend with my mum.

35 Before 35 | Bucket list

24 Experience Delhi belly. Because that would mean I was in India and stufffing my face with the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten. #worthit

25 Treat Damo to the TD seats behind home plate at the Jays game.

26 Spend a week of vacation time volunteering at home or abroad.

27  Learn how to make the perfect latte.

28 Treat my sister to a girly weekend away.

29 Speak on a panel about women in business.

30 Watch The Wire, True Detective and Breaking Bad in their entirety. I know, I know – how have I not watched these already. They require a serious binge sesh and I need to free up at least a week.

31 Go skydiving in New Zealand.

32 Invest in an original piece of art.

33 Develop a scholarship for aspiring Renegades.

34 Meet Sheryl Sandberg and sit in on one of her talks.

35 Spend more time with my family. Because everything else in life is a distant second.



Want to get involved in the #RunMore movement & tick off your own birthday bucket list?
Check out the Adidas RunMore.ca site & follow along on social with the #RunMore hashtag.

  • jules says:

    this is the most incredible list! wow! makes me want to do a 35 before 35 one too! a lot of awesome things on here 🙂 – also, love that we are both 1984 babies! so happy for you and loving this renegade love so much! xo

    • This Renegade Love says:

      Cheers, miss! You shoud definitely make one – it’s fun, but also makes sure you’re not letting time slip by without achieving goals. Big ups to ’84 babies! (clearly the future world leaders)

  • Magda says:

    Love this list! #7, yikes! Hope you post when you’re about to start and I will as well… it’d be great for motivation!
    Regarding #8… check out http://www.scaw.org/ They’re really awesome!

    • This Renegade Love says:

      Oh gawd, I tried #7 and just petered off after 6 weeks haha. I’ll def let you know once I give it a shot again. Cheers for the heads up on scaw.org!

  • Rachel says:

    There just might be a room available at the Drake Devonshire this weekend! If you are interested drop us a line…:)

  • Kate says:

    Great list – and happy early birthday! You MUST come to the German Christmas markets, they are amazing. My favorites: Erfurt and Freinsheim. And Berlin so I could treat you to a Glühwein. 😉

    Good for you with the run! I just started running myself after my health came crashing down last year and I must admit, it feels really good! Might I ask, what style are your running shoes? I’m dying for some more stylish ones but still need major support for my problem feet.

    • This Renegade Love says:

      I’m totally down for a Gluhwein or two! 🙂

      These shoes are the Adidas Energy Boost and I loooooove them. Lots of support and super comfy. Definitely recommend!