This Renegade Love is a place where anything is possible.

Where the stories of ordinary people doing
extraordinary things ignite the passion in all of us.

Where you can find honest advice from real people.

Where the photographs of world travellers will inspire you to pack your bags and set off on a new adventure.

Where you learn that taking care of yourself and taking care of each other are equally important.

And where you discover that all you really need is a heavy dose of positivity and the will to try.

A person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner.

- Oxford English Dictionary

Renegades are the people with their own philosophies, they change the course of history, everyday people like you and me.

- Rage Against the Machine

the editor | lauren mcphillips

Well, let’s just start from the beginning, shall we…

After graduating with a degree in English Literature & European History (“What the hell are you going to do with that?” -my dad), I kicked off my career in editorial at Style at Home magazine and spent an unforgettable four years learning from some of the most creative minds in the industry. From there, I ventured into travel PR for Contiki, where I found myself exploring the world and doing things I never dreamed of (i.e. rapelling down a 200 ft drop in Costa Rica). Soon enough, London came calling and I embarked on a new overseas adventure.

With a year of living in the UK as Contiki’s global PR + Partnerships Manager, I decided it was time for a change. I turned 30, left my day job and turned my career upside down. I headed home to Toronto to work on a new project that would allow me to share the lessons I’d learned from the remarkable people I’d met along the way.

And so, This Renegade Love was born – from a desire to connect to people, to inspire them to believe that anything is possible and to make them realize that it’s never too late to start over.