All They Want For 2018 // 8 Creatives, 8 Ways to Make Life Easier


Ever have those moments where you think, “Gaddamn, life would be so much easier if I just had ________?” ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.

As a self-employed creative, the hustle is real. I do all my own business planning, strategy and marketing, not to mention pump out creative content on the daily. And trust me, I love it (LOVE IT), but there are just certain things in life that would make that hustle a wee bit easier, ya know?

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of being a BMW ambassador, getting to test drive their line-up of sweet rides and outfit myself (and my pup!) with some of their surprisingly awesome lifestyle gear (I say surprising because their expertise is in cars, not lifestyle products, yet the quality and style is legit). Having a car of my own to scoot around the city, NOT having to rely on the dreaded streetcars or expensive taxis, and the freedom to come and go as I please on my own schedule has been nothing short of glorious. I’ve realized how much more I can actually get done, how much more I actually leave the house for events and meetings, and just how convenient life is when I have a car. Damo and I both fell in love with the slick BMW 430i we’ve been riding around in, and with my fave duffle in tow for road trips and heavy-duty umbrella for rainy days all packed in the trunk, it’s officially made my wish list for 2018.

(images above by Bettina Bogar)

But that’s just me – I also reached out to a bunch of awesome creatives  + entrepreneurs to find out what would make their year successful, more productive or just a helluva lot easier. From lofty goals like hiring an assistant to simpler things like a big ass wall calendar to visualize business growth, check out what these savvy creatives are wishing for in 2018.



“This year I want to focus on creating more real-time, off-the-cuff content, but I don’t want to sacrifice photo quality.  My goal is to carry my camera with me at all times, and that means having a proper camera bag. I’m going to invest in a good-quality bag so that I won’t think twice about bringing my DSLR with me throughout the day to capture all the little moments of my life.”



“All I want in 2018 is to furnish my new home that I’m moving into in January. This is the first home that as a family of four, we get to fully create the space from scratch and we’re so excited. I know that by furnishing our home collaboratively as a family, we’ll be able to become more creative, thrive, and live relentlessly in our new space.”



“To make my 2018 easier, I’d love an intern or assistant. With my full-time job, the growth of my blog and tackling my new cookbook, I find myself often running on empty. Having an intern would help me organize my weekly schedule, reply to emails, and assist with a few things cookbook-related so that I could have more time to work on recipes without being stressed about my never-ending to-do list.”



“It’s something so simple, but what would make my life easier and have been wanting for a long time would be a large (and I mean LARGE) calendar. I’d put it on the wall behind my desktop and write down all my events/meetings for the month. The calendar on my phone is fine, but there’s something more concrete and organized when it’s written down and right in front of you!”



“My business has been going through a period of transition over the past few years, so it’s been an interesting process of discovering what I need in order to support the evolution from clothing store to creative studio. I’ve recently outgrown my physical space, realizing that a two-bedroom apartment is just not enough for two creatives who work from home — especially when there are frequent photoshoots, large-scale moodboarding and who-knows-what other projects on the go at any given time. I’m starting to welcome the idea of an outside studio space that would allow me spread my creative wings so I can support my evolving business and find a little more distinction between work and home.”



 “All I want in 2018 is to focus on my health with a personal trainer/nutritionist. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or at events where the booze is plentiful and the food is delicious, but not the most nutritious – it causes me to make unhealthy choices that have led to weight gain. I’ve noticed a huge dip in my productivity since I gained weight and started eating more junk and I want to have all the energy to accomplish those major blog goals I have for 2018!”



“My biggest ‘want’ for 2018 would be hiring my first employee! By focusing on aspects of the business that I love doing, having someone on board to help automate those other day-to-day tasks would really help to grow Saevil Row. There’s only so many hours in a day and that’s something I see a lot of other entrepreneurs struggle with. Outsourcing will not only make life a whoooole lot easier, it creates the space to truly excel in a bigger and badder 2018.”


This post was created in partnership with BMW Canada,
however all words, feelings and opinions are my own.

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