My 2018 Business Goals (and How I Plan to Crush Them)


My 2018 Business Goals

When was the last time you actually kept one of your New Year’s resolutions? Like…. past January?

I gave up on resolutions long ago (although last year, I did make one that I’ll still keep), and instead, traded them in for setting goals that I can spread out over the course of the year and actually accomplish, rather than feel restricted by. I’m not interested in promising myself to lose 10 pounds or to stop drinking wine altogether, but rather to make healthy and manageable goals and map it all out on a calendar so I can visualize growth and how I’ll actually accomplish them.

Last year was a huge year for me personally (also known as ‘The Year of Overwhelm’), as Damien and I planned our wedding and all of the visitors we had flying in from overseas, so this year I am hell-bent and razor sharp focused on growing my brand and setting 2018 business goals. This year will mark my third as my own boss and the third anniversary of This Renegade Love, and I’m so ready to take this little brand of mine to the next level – try some new stuff, maybe have some failures along the way but have even more successes, and just totally own this amazing opportunity I have to grow something that is entirely decided upon by ME.

Take a peek at the ten business goals that I plan to crush in 2018 – The Year of Get Shit Done.


2018 Business Goals For my Blog


1 Turn TRL from a blog to a business

When: All damn year
The biggest, baddest and most exciting goal I’m making for This Renegade Love in 2018. When I launched my blog in spring of 2015, I knew that eventually I would want to grow it into something more – what would start as a hub for content and community would eventually develop into a more fleshed out personal brand. I just didn’t know quite what I wanted that to be at the time, but as the blog has evolved, so has the intention behind it. With a clear vision of the direction I want TRL to head in, I’m spending the greater part of the year refocusing my brand to provide a number of resources for creatives and entrepreneurs to build their own personal brands – think e-courses, a resource library, webinars, live round-table discussions….


2 Website refresh

When: May 2018
Although I still love my site layout, I’ve outgrown its functionalities, and with a brand expansion on the way, my site’s gotta grow too. I’ve found an awesome new platform that will allow me to transform my blog into a more versatile site and get a fresh new look, perfect for the new direction that TRL is moving in. It’s gonna be a huge undertaking, but I’m so stoked for it!


3 Increase Pinterest Traffic

When: January 2018 onwards
I’ve been on such a crazy Pinterest binge since I found out how f*cking great of a traffic driver it can be. Like, AMAZING. With Instagram shitting the bed more and more every day, I’ve been focusing my strategy on other social platforms that are better for driving readers to my blog (and soon, my new site). Since Pinterest is a search engine, you can build a successful traffic-driving strategy without needing to build a massive community of followers first (but if you do wanna follow me, check out my Pinterest profile). Keep an eye out for my Pinterest tips as I dive deeper into the platform in 2018!


4 Start a podcast

When: September 2018
Podcasts are my jam, you guys. Ever since I began listening to them every morning on my walk with the pooch, I’ve been thinking about starting my own – a different platform for me to connect with my audience, tap in to a NEW audience, and try sharing information in a totally new way (like hosting my Renegade features via podcast rather than blog).


5 Revive #52Women

When: Bi-weekly, starting January 2018
I started the #52Women project last year when I was in a major slump, and with all the wedding planning and life events, it got placed on the backburner. And I miss it. I miss meeting weekly with a new woman to hear her story, make a connection and walk away inspired. So I’m picking up where I left off (Week 16), and will be sharing snippets of my conversations on Insta Stories. It might not happen every week, but I will get to 52, goddamnit!


6 Do more Live sessions

When: Starting February 2018
Oh man, I love doing Instagram Live. Well, actually, I hate it at first because I get super nervous, but after a few swigs of sauv blanc and some questions from viewers, I’m totally into it. I thrive off of the interaction of live sessions – the ability to have a real-time discussion with followers is an awesome opportunity to nurture community and encourage conversation amongst everyone. In addition to Instagram Live, I’ll be looking to start a regular series of Facebook Live, whether it’s on This Renegade Love’s brand page, or a private group I’m launching (ssshhhhh – more on that later).


7 Grow my e-newsletter list

When: Start growth strategy March 2018
I said it before, and I’ll say it again – building your brand entirely on social media is a TERRIBLE idea. We have no control over who sees our content (helllllo, algorithms), and we also don’t own any of the information about our followers – if the app shuts down tomorrow, we have no access to them anymore. E-newsletter, however? That shit we OWN. There are so many benefits to growing a newsletter database, and there are no algorithms to determine if the recipient sees it because it goes straight to their inbox. I plan on building mine this year with a goal of 350% growth, implementing a solid strategy, weekly sends and sign-up incentives.

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8 Make more video content

When: Start monthly YouTube end of January 2018
Video is where it’s at, fam. I kicked off my YouTube channel last summer and loved working with a new medium to create content. And with a focus on growing my personal brand, my audience needs to see more of, well… me (in all of my weird glory). From weekly challenge videos on Instagram to more YouTube vids on livin’ dat Renegade life (and silly vlogs), I’m setting a goal to up my video game this year.

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9 Focus on SEO

When: Hire in March 2018
How many of you ACTUALLY have shit-hot SEO? I mean sure, I know all the standard things and keywords to include in each blog post and I use Yoast to guide me, but I want my site to be optimized in every nook and cranny so it’s landing on the front pages of the Google machine. 2018 is the year I’m going to get a full audit and focus on pushing TRL up the search engine ranks, my friends.


10 Get. Help.

When: Hire April 2018
Welp, it’s official – I’ve realized that I can’t do it ALL. Last year, I had several breakdowns due to burn out (thanks, wedding), and I can attribute them all to the fact that as my life got busier, I still tried to tackle it all Hans Solo. But if I’m planning to expand my biz this year, I need to start bringing people on to push my brand forward. I plan to outsource the things that I’ll never be a master in (web development, SEO, design) and focus my energy on strategy and growth. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll even look to hire someone to join the team – any unicorns out there?



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  • Gab says:

    Love these goals. I am with you on a few of them. Doing a few videos and creating my newsletter was a major accomplishment for me in 2017 and I can’t wait to continue both. Pinterest is on my radar, too. I’m eager to try out those pin schedulers to see what they are all about!

    great post!

    xx Gabriella

  • Solmaz says:

    Such a well-planned year ahead! #10 is a big one — I was trying to do it all myself for years and it’s def not feasible with an ever-evolving industry. We all have our strengths so it’s nice to build a team and have everyone do their thaaang. Wishing you a kick-ass 2018.

  • Kate says:

    I’ve noticed how crummy instagram has gotten lately too.. I love your idea about Pinterest! It’s something I’m going to work on this year. Your posts are always so well written and full of great information, can’t wait to see more 🙂

  • Renee says:

    My 2018 goals are pretty on par with yours. I’m so excited to kick this shit into gear but I’m a tad bit overwhelmed with it all. How to run a business and do all the marketing? We shall see! Cheers to an amazing year ahead ❤️

  • Pri says:

    Lauren, this is great! I love the Pinterest and PodCast goals. There is such a reach on both of those platforms and I think you will do amazing on both. Thank you for posting your goals, it definitely is inspiring me. As you already know, I am trying to leave the cubicle, corporate 9-5 life so the more content to help me figure out how I can do that, the better! Xox Pri

  • Kris says:

    It’s going to be an amazing year for you. Curious as to what platform you’ll move your website to during redesign. As a UX/UI designer I love to know what people are using and like.

  • Jem castor says:

    Love all the goals you set for yourself this 2018! Super happy for you and I can’t wait to see you succeed

  • Britt Stager says:

    I love every single one of these goals, especially the Pinterest & email list goals (I gotta get on those too!)! Goals aside, you’re killing it, and should be very proud of the brand you’ve already built! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2018!