The Only New Year’s Resolution I’m Making in 2017


Well, now that we’ve bid adieu to the hellhole known as 2016, everyone is making sure they burst into 2017 with that age-old tradition, the thing that makes us hopeful for a great year ahead – New Year’s resolutions.

I’ll be honest, most of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016 fell to shit. Lose weight (I gained it), write more (I wrote less), buy less (still bought a lot of crap I didn’t need), and achieve work-life balance (HA. HA. HAAAAAA.) Which is the case for many of us, to be honest – we make these resolutions as a means to start fresh and make changes to our lifestyles, jobs, and appearances, but they often last a mere few months until something throws us off the wagon and we get discouraged or distracted and the adrenalin of a new year starts to wear off.

So this year, I’m only making one resolution. One that will likely waver at some point, but can easily be reinvigorated. One that doesn’t overwhelm. And one that will have a domino effect on any other goal I might have…

Be positive.

Pretty simple, right? I’m sure a few of you are even thinking, “Well, that was a bit anti-climactic…”. But think about this – how many resolutions or goals in your life have failed because of a negative attitude? Because of negative friends? Because you weren’t able to see past a failure?

I found myself thinking far too negatively in 2016 – wondering why peers were being offered certain jobs over me, getting down on myself for always skipping the gym, constantly making excuses for why something wouldn’t work before I even attempted it. I too often fell into the trap of seeing the success of others as a step back for me. Most of the negativity was inside my own head, but a few times it would seep out onto others – poor Damien would have his dreams of fun and adventure constantly kiboshed with realistic reasons of why his fantasies wouldn’t work (soz, babe).

And I’m tired. Negativity makes you SO DAMN TIRED. It’s too much effort to dwell on things that didn’t work or to not even attempt anything because you’re scared of failure being an option. It’s too much time wasted on poking and prodding at yourself in the mirror, freaking out about cellulite and why your body doesn’t look like a 21 year old celebrity’s. And even though 2016 was filled with so many ups, the negative weight of the few downs had the power to spread like wildfire.


So how am I going to make 2017 a kickass year simply by being more positive? Here’s my fool-proof plan:

1 Surround myself with positive people. If someone doesn’t bring you happiness or add any value to your life, it’s okay to step back from that relationship. Do what’s best for you and fill your days with people who bring out the best version of yourself.

2 Be a positive influence on others. Be someone that other people want to be around – someone your friends and family go to for support and to feel good about themselves simply by spending time with you.

3 Think positive thoughts of MYSELF. Looking at your body in the mirror and feeling bad about it or constantly comparing your position in life to your peers will only hold you back from achieving your goals. Showing self love and carrying a positive attitude will keep you on the track to achieving anything you want.

4 Remember that my path is different than others’. The success of a peer does not have any relation to your own. Be happy for the success and growth of friends and focus on your own path, driving positive energy to your own goals. 

5 Don’t be discouraged by failure. Instead of looking at failures as a means to an end, look at them as a learning experience. Give each roadblock a few moments for grieving, then step back and view it all from a positive perspective – What did I learn from this? How could I do this better next time? Create a positive mantra that you say to yourself every time you’re faced with a challenge or when you feel the negative vibes surfacing.


So friends, today is day 2 of what I hope will be a lifelong change, starting with a year filled with positive thoughts, positive people and positive energy. Because the alternative is no longer an option I want in my life.


Have you made any resolutions for 2017?
Maybe just chose a word or phrase to live by?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • I think this is a great New Year’s resolution and one that I have for myself as well! Positivity really can make a huge difference in how you go about anything 🙂
    Happy New Year!

    Carling x

  • Yes Yes Yes! My goal for 2017 is to, like you, surround myself with positive people and to do what makes ME happy.

    Wishing you an amazing 2017 filled with love, light and positivity!


    Karen Michelle//.

  • Teresa says:

    Honestly this is the best resolution!

  • Katie says:

    I have never kept a resolution – is that bad? Think I’ll adopt yours this year… 😉

    And also, living with purpose and intention. That combined with positivity should make for a pretty great year!! 🙂

  • Reeve Currie says:

    I so love this! Love the simplicity and also the pure goodness of this resolution. Definitely stealing! 😉

  • Didier Young says:

    That is such a great resolution. Its somewhat similar to mine as well. After having worked in the culinary industry for 5 years, I will admit to being quite short tempered so my resolution this year is to try to remain calmer, be more positive and less angry haha. Also, my second resolution is to get to hang out more with lovely people like yourself!